the home of a kid called beast
We are 10,000 characters inspired by street culture, each with a unique personality and style.
who we are

WE MAKEentertainment&experiencesthat bring people together.

WITH our
communitywe USEart Culture technology&gamingto create meaningful connections.

find your beast

a KID called BEAST
There are 10,000 unique BEASTs to choose from. Each are
what we do
Unleash your creativity
Get inspired
Explore new ideas
Challenge yourself
Develop your skills
Expand your horizons
Share your passion
Build your brand
Grow your network
Make connections
Find your community
Engage in discussions
Join workshops
Create stories
Redefine entertainment
Unleash your creativity and develop your skills. Build your brand and grow your network. Join workshops, engage in discussions, and make connections. Create stories and redefine entertainment. Find your clique and grow with us.
Enhance your creativity with our artist development resources. Access tools for 3D and 2D animation like Blender, Cinema 4D, Metatope,, Wonder Dynamics, Adobe, and 3D printing. Find tutorial videos, models, and templates. Join challenges and showcase your work in our 3D gallery. Connect with producer pools, our music label, and other BEAST creators.
Dive into gaming and entertainment. Stream games, join clans, and compete in tournaments. Develop games with Unreal Engine 5 and Unity, using essential tools and tutorials. Participate in software trials and explore the latest games.
Showcase your individuality and connect with others. Share your creativity through music sessions, workshops, and discussions. Craft stories, host podcasts, and create viral content. Stay updated with interviews, shows, and social events. Use face filters to express yourself on social media.
Adopt an active lifestyle with workout guides, motivational content, and fresh recipes. Stay informed about events and meetups. Engage in fitness challenges and join outdoor adventure groups. Participate in communities focused on physical and mental well-being.
Express your unique style and stay updated on fashion trends, toys, and merchandise. Engage in music, events, and discussions. Access artist resources and connect with others who share your interests. Discover exclusive drops from emerging designers and discuss new and upcoming trends.
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