Same BEAST, Next Chapter: Brand Refresh

We are excited to announce a major brand refresh. This transformation enhances our web3 community while also welcoming non-web3 audiences.

May 22, 2024

As we embark on a new chapter, "a KID called BEAST" is thrilled to announce a major refresh to our brand. This transformation is designed to provide value to our existing Web3 community and open our doors to non-Web3 audiences, bridging the gap between our digital and physical existence. Our goal is to improve every aspect of our ecosystem, making it welcoming and engaging for both Web3 and Web2 audiences. This carefully planned refresh ensures a consistent and appealing brand experience across all platforms. This is just the beginning of our exciting journey.

A Unified Vision

Broadened Accessibility

Our brand refresh is designed to engage both Web3 and Web2 audiences. By integrating new offerings with our digital platforms, we are creating a cohesive ecosystem where each element enhances the others. This approach ensures our brand is accessible and engaging to a broader audience, broadening our reach and appeal.

Strategic Alignment

Each step in our refresh plan is meticulously aligned to strengthen the overall project, ensuring that our evolution is both visually appealing and functionally superior. This thoughtful integration of components ensures that our community enjoys a seamless and enriching experience as we move forward into this new phase.

Empowered Ecosystem

We are restructuring our community and sub-communities to allow for both passive and active ownership. This better-structured ecosystem fosters a more dynamic and interactive environment, encouraging greater participation and engagement from our members.

Community Ownership

We have always been community-first, and we have a unique opportunity. Previously, fans merely consumed influencer content while platforms maintained ownership. We believe in actively co-creating influential stories. Our community holds ownership of their content. This model opens up creative opportunities across various domains, allowing individuals to work across multiple passions. This transformation encourages active ownership and promotes a more engaging and participatory environment for everyone involved.

Consistent Brand Identity

Visual Transformation

We are introducing a new brand mark linked to our character and optimizing our overall visual identity. This visual update reinforces recognition and trust across all touchpoints, making our brand more accessible to both Web2 and Web3 audiences.

Brand Consistency

Consistency is key to our brand update. By maintaining a uniform visual identity across all platforms, we reinforce recognition and build trust with our audience. This consistency ensures a cohesive brand experience that resonates with both Web2 and Web3 communities.

Enhanced Online Presence

Engaging Main Website

Our main website will be more engaging and inviting, creating an opportunity to attract new people. It will serve as an introduction to our world: BEASTSIDE. This engaging platform will welcome visitors and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of our brand and community.

Comprehensive Brand Kit

We are also introducing a brand-specific site that will provide easy access to media kits and essential brand materials. This ensures that partners and community members adhere to our branding, enhancing uniformity and professionalism across all collaborations.

Social Media Evolution

Expanded Strategy

We are revamping our social media strategy with new short-form content on appropriate platforms. This content aims to drive our character to wider audiences outside of Web3, increasing engagement and building a unified community experience.

Unified Presence

Updating our platforms like Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube to align with the new branding will ensure a consistent and appealing social media presence. This consistency helps build a stronger, more connected community.

Enhanced Community Portal

New Interactive Features

The Portal, formerly known as Hub, will feature updated capabilities, allowing users to create profiles, link social media accounts, and engage more deeply with the community. These enhancements encourage user interaction and foster a sense of belonging among members.

Personalized Engagement

By enabling more personalized interactions through expanded profile features, including setting profile pictures based on holdings and connecting various social accounts, we promote an active and interconnected community. These updates make the platform more engaging and user-friendly, encouraging community growth and participation.

Community Recognition

Our enhanced Portal promotes an active and interconnected community. This allows our community to gain recognition and exposure for their participation. We want to celebrate the contributions of our members. This fosters a deeper sense of belonging and engagement within our community.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and transformation. Our major brand update is designed to provide value to our existing Web3 community while opening up new opportunities for engagement with non-Web3 audiences. This is only the beginning—many more features and enhancements will be rolled out in the future as we continue this refresh. Together, we will create a welcoming, engaging, and dynamic ecosystem that bridges the digital and physical worlds, fostering a stronger, more connected community.

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