Introducing BEAST Loyalty

The BEAST Loyalty program launches today on PORTAL, offering our community exciting opportunities to earn points and redeem them for exclusive rewards. Learn more about how you can participate and benefit from this new program.

May 28, 2024

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Why We’re Doing This

Our BEAST Loyalty program is all about giving back to those who contribute to our community and share our long-term vision. We believe that a strong, engaged community is the foundation of any successful project, and your participation is what makes our ecosystem thrive. By launching the BEAST Loyalty program, we aim to reward our most dedicated members for their continuous support and involvement.

We understand that our community members are the true champions of our vision, and your efforts deserve recognition. Whether it’s through actively participating in discussions, sharing our vision on social media, or simply holding onto your BEAST without listing it for sale, your contributions help build a stronger, more vibrant community. This program is designed to foster a deeper connection between our team and our community members, showing our appreciation for your trust and belief in what we are creating.

How to Earn Points

Start earning points by keeping your BEAST unlisted on any marketplace. Remember, you need a profile on PORTAL and have an X (Twitter) account attached to be eligible. If you haven’t already, sign up today on PORTAL.

Redeeming Your Points

Your loyalty points can be used to enter our weekly raffles. Looking ahead, points will unlock access to a variety of benefits, including airdrops, products, digital assets, and more. We’re also planning additional point-earning opportunities through community activities, events, and giveaways. Stay tuned!

Stay Updated and Get Help

For the latest news, check out our website’s news section and follow us on Twitter. Need support or have feedback? Join our Discord community. We have many exciting features and integrations coming soon, and we’re eager to have you with us on this journey.

The boring but important things

  • To earn points, ensure your a KID called BEAST is unlisted on any marketplace for 24 hours.
  • Points are awarded at a rate of 10 points for every 24-hour period your  remains unlisted.
  • Points are awarded daily at 12 UTC.
  • You must have a profile on PORTAL to receive points.An X (Twitter) account must be attached to your profile to be eligible. Create your profile on PORTAL.

We look forward to your participation in the BEAST Loyalty program. bitbeast will have rewards coming soon.

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